How long will a prosthesis nipple last?

We guarantee nipples for 6 months of quality wear. We want every customer to be satisified so should your purchase from us not last a minimum of 6 months then we will happily replace free of charge. With careful handling they will last a year or longer.

How are prosthesis nipples held in place?

Each order comes with a tube of ( medical grade ) water based adhesive. We strongly recommend that a patch test on the breast area is tested 48hrs prior to use, full instructions are included but should you require further information on how to do this then please contact us.


You quite simply brush the back of the prosthesis, allow to dry until clear then press firmly on to the desired area of the breast or breast form.


Is there an alternative to a Water Based Glue?


Silicon Based Adhesives do hold for longer than Water Based adhesives, but due to the breast skin being thin as it is stretched over implants, or having had radiation or sensitive skin in general I would recommend that initially a water based adhesive is used. Snappy G or Telesis 5 Silicone Adhesives requires a cleanser to remove any residue from the skin however it will bond more securely than a water based adhesive such as Pros Aide or Technovent.

Are the nipples waterproof?

Yes! you can shower, swim and bathe in them. If you use a Silicon Based Adhesive then you will have a more secure bond that will last longer even with bathing. I have been swimming, sunbathed in 32 degrees heat, been in a hydro pool, jacuzzi, steam, sauna and ice pool, exercised, power walked daily over a 3 day period and they were still completely intact. 

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